WIAW #11- Lots O Food


I hate writing the beginning or opening to a paper. I never know how to start an essay and usually just write some half thought over thing and call it good. Well I guess the same sometimes goes for my blog posts. I always want to be witty and catch y’alls attention well I usually just think I sound like a rambling idiot (like right now). But its Thursday. And you guys know what that means! Its time for my link up over at Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays. 




1. But First Let me Take a Selfie


Prom Night

2. Bones is my new favorite show


If you guys have a netflix account, watch it! I’m the type of person who likes mystery shows so seeing the dead bodies doesn’t really bother me (only because I know its fake). I get way too into my TV shows, what can I say its just how I have always been.

I just want Bones and Brennan to get together, noooow

3. I’m finally starting to have more time to bake!


Just a little sneak peak of a recipe to come Smile 

I am a big cooker but I just don’t have the time because of school. But because AP Tests are over with and I basically don’t have any finals left, I have so much more free time! I have so many recipes in my Pinterest I am just dying to try out. I will make sure to let you guys know if I have any winners.

4. Mug Cake are not my forte


Speaking of winning recipes. This one was not it. I thought I found this awesome Mug Cake recipe, well I was super wrong. It only had apple sauce, cocoa powder, maple syrup, vanilla and baking soda. Sounds good right? Well I was severely disappointed. It was most likely the worst cake I have had.

5. Isnt this mug adorable?


Well minus the ugly mug cake on it Smile



Only two more days this week. I can do this. Then it’s a three day weekend. I hope you all have awesome plans for the weekend. I’ll be spending it inside a gym. But that is the life of a volleyball player. I hope y’all have a lovely Thursday!



WIAW #18- Eggies


Oh man have these last few days of school been tough. All I want to do anymore is lay at home in the sun, but there really hasn’t been sun to do that. I’ve just got a bad case of senioritis. The only cure, Summer! Only 25 days, I can do this! But alas on to my WIAW! Thanks Jenn for the link party!





Scrambled eggs with cheese on toast



Greek yogurt with Fiber One Cereal + Apple


In case you guys havent noticed, this has been my go to lunch for the past two weeks. What can I say, I love Greek yogurt!


2 Hard Boiled Eggies


I have been in a serious egg eating mood lately. My parents bought hard boiled eggs from Costco and now they are all I want to eat. I think I’m going to make an egg salad sandwich for lunch today Smile


Salad topped with Croutons, Mozzerlla cheese and a side of Caesar Dressing


Oh man did they give me a lot of dressing. It was like a mini soup bowl of just dressing. I think I barley used a tablespoon full. What a waste of perfectly good dressing.


I just realized theres no school on Monday. Wow! That’s one less day till graduation. Yes I’m going to keep talking about it because that’s what I’m looking forward to at the moment. So get used to it Smile I’ll try not to be too annoying, I promise. I hope y’all have a lovely Wednesday!






Operation Prom Recap

Last week I told you guys that I was going to be doing Operation Prom, A 10 day “diet” to make sure that I look fabulous in my dress. Well the first 8 days went great, the last 2 were awful. When I started the diet I was at Weight X. I’m not actually going to tell you guys my real weight because you don’t need to know that and it can be very triggering for some people. Well by the end of Op Prom I was right back up at that weight and then some.

Everything was going great, I was following my food plan and doing my running. I had lost almost three pounds at the lowest point. I think the majority of that was water weight. Then Friday came along and I just ate. I ate and I ate everything and anything. My parents bought Oreos on Friday. Well by Sunday I had finished off the entire package. I am not proud of myself for that. In fact I am ashamed that I did that. ZERO self-control! Saturday was okay, I still continued to eat Oreos and drown myself in chocolate cheerios.

I am not proud of myself for how I ate this weekend. I wasn’t even in the mind set of “I have to lose weight for prom” or because I did so well for 8 days I can eat whatever I want. I just wanted to look good, not bloated and in pain because my stomach wasn’t used to this food. In the end I think I have learned a lot about my body and my mindset. I just can only hope that I can regain my footing back onto the healthy eating lifestyle.

Now on a happier note, here are some pictures from prom!


The Hair done by moi








The Best friends a girl could have


Look at all those foxy ladies Smile 


I had a great time with all my friends. Definitely could of asked for a better senior prom. I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!!

My First 5k- Week 11

So I’ve been thinking a lot about my training and fitness routine lately and what to do with my weekly running recaps. I think I’m going to start incorporating all of my fitness related things I do (like cross training) in my recaps instead of just running. Because lets face it, that gets pretty boring after 10 weeks. Now I’m not going to bore you guys with my volleyball practices (every Tuesday and Thursday) but I will share my workouts on the elliptical, bike, yoga, hiking (I hope) and what ever other activity I do during the week. Running and volleyball cant be the only thing that I do for exercise. I need to add variety to my routine otherwise I’m going to get so bored with it. I’m still going to be training for a 5k but with a little bit more spice in there as well. Now on to my First 5k Recap!


3.1 Run @ 33:01 min + Hot Yoga


MapMyFitness has been freaking out on my lately. They updated the app last week and I have been having some problems lately. When I was running on Monday I could not tell my distance. And me being me wanted to know how much farther I had to drag myself. So that’s why this run is in two parts. But I still ran the whole 3.1 miles.

This was my last hot yoga class Sad smile I used up my new student deal. Luckily there are three other hot yoga studios around me!


3.18 mile Run/walk @ 37:15, 1 mile run @ 8:54


Oh my gosh, It was so hot on Wednesday. We have been having some serious warm weather over here (Which I LOVE!) and running that full 3.1 miles was not ganna happen, at least not all at once. We ran the first two miles ok but when we hit the last miles we were just too tired. There’s something about the heat, it just sucks the energy out of you. Well by the time I had driven back home I was made at myself for not running the full 3.1 so I decided to run the last miles. I think it was pretty good mile time if you ask me (8:54).


Sadly I only got to run twice this week. I have been a little lazy busy lately. What can I say I only have 26 days left (including weekends) till I graduate. That’s less than a month. Oh where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was a dorky freshman starting high school. I hope you all have a lovely Monday!

Thursday Thoughts #10– Warm Weather

This week has been a weird week. With AP testing over and Prom this weekend, all I’ve basically done is run and “tan”. At least its been a really relaxing week which is pretty nice. Now its time for the link party Amanda is Hosting!


1. It is 80 degrees in my room right now

This never happens in Washington in May! We have been having a major heat wave lately but of course its supposed to be gone by Saturday, which means rain for prom pictures Sad smile. I want the sun to stay. Just look at how lovely its been outside.


2. I am sunburnt

I may or may not have been wearing sunscreen while I’ve been outside this week. Oopsies. Oh well at least it means that I will have a really nice “tan” when the burn is gone. By tan I mean a little bit darker shade of white.

3. I got my prom shoes


Yes they are from Old Navy and yes I only spent 2.50 on them. What can I say, I basically live in flip flops from May- September. They are my favorite type of shoe, besides boots, but it’s a little hard to wear flip flops in the middle of Winter.

4. I’ve been experimenting with my Nikon

I usually take all of my photos with my phone just because that’s what I always have with me. Well I recently started trying out my Nikon to take my pictures and oh man do they look so much better. I guess a good camera really can make a difference.

Camera Vs. Phone

Good 1_ 2 IMG_2930

I really hope you guys can tell the difference otherwise I may need to work on my photography skills A LOT!

5. I need to find a graduation dress

I’m thinking white, mainly because the robes for the girls are maroon. So white or black are really the only colors that wont clash. I really want something with lace. This means I have an excuse to drag my mom to the mall with me. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t actually like watching me try on clothes for a few hours and then spending money. But that’s just the way she is. Wow I cant believe graduation is exactly one month away (well minus 1 day)!!!!!


I could of sworn I came up with more things to talk about to day but I just cant seem to think of them. I really need to start writing these down somewhere. I’ll get better at this at some point, I hope. Anywho, I hope you all have a lovely Thursday!

WIAW # 17–Salads Galore

Happy Wednesday everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. Its AP testing week here so my schedule has been swamped with lots of studying. But luckily my last test was yesterday which means that these last four weeks of school should be a breeze. Now its time for the Link Party! Thanks Jenn!




Oatmeal + Special K Cereal


I have eaten oatmeal almost everyday these last two weeks. Its just soooooo good! I don’t know what it is about this combo but I just cant get enough of it. I guess its my way of getting my cereal fix.


Greek Yogurt + Fiber one Cereal




Oh man was I craving some peanut butter after my run and this definitely hit the spot! The nanners on top was just the right touch.



I have eaten so many salads lately. This picture is from my salad at Applebee’s the other day to celebrate mothers day. But I have at least two since then. I blame the dressing.


I have no idea what I’m going to do with all my free time now that the majority of my classes are done. Maybe I will take up a hobby? Or finally clean my room. I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!